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Having been in the Fitness industry for over 12 years I have seen it evolve from the local leisure centre to boutique spaces and beyond. In a ever changing sector the fundamentals will always remain over fads. Moving well. That is what I champion. Moving well will see you through whatever life throws at you. And that's what I am here to help you with.


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 Prenatal Pilates Course Starts 6th March 


5 Weeks 

Monday 6pm @ Yoga Breathworks Kingston

Postnatal Fitness (Drop in)

9:15 @ Canbury Gardens


As an in-person post natal coach:
From the first time I met Caroline, I was massively impressed with her knowledge of the female body & how pregnancy impacts it. She went beyond PT training into the world of pelvic floor knowledge. I was grateful for her willingness to push me, while ensuring I was realistic about my limitations. I wish I'd had Caroline pre & post my first baby, but I'm so grateful I've had her to help me stay active & build strength post baby #2. And as a notoriously picky person when it comes to instructors & trainers, as well as someone with scoliosis (ie chronic back pain pre-kids), I can't give enough love to Caroline as a trainer!

Dawn Kedzuch


Always fun, always challenging and always different, I LOVE training with Caroline. She is totally un-intimidating but hugely knowledgeable. She has taught me so much, made me a better trainer myself and given me big results, both physical and mental. Having trained me through two pregnancies and after both my girls were born,  I am positive her sessions saved me from postpartum depression. That's not just because she's a great trainer, but a great person who brings joy to all that she does, lifting any room with her energy. I recommend Caroline to EVERYONE.

Venetia Tabor


“Without doubt the best PT I ever had. Not only is she excellent at creating targeted bespoke programs for my goals and gets result but above all she’s makes it fun! Caroline has become real friend and confidante so sessions not only help physically but mentally as well. Her positivity and can do attitude is infectious.”

Tara Pope



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